This is how you can do better with conflict!

If you take this seriously your relationship will be inoculated from the harmful effects of conflict. Since the time you were born many significant influencers affected the way you communicate and what’s important to you in your life, in your work and especially in all of the relationships you will encounter. For those relationships you would like to improve you naturally want to spend time getting to know that other person. As we enter into intimate relationships the cost of having those relationships fail increases dramatically.

We each have a conflict resolution blueprint style that is buried deep in our subconscious. Many couples never figure out this blueprint so they spend their entire relationship in a bewildered angst wondering why they struggle working through difficult issues. Now we can take a picture of those preferences and teach you what’s important for you to your partner. Once you understand their blueprint your relationship will be changed forever.


Each of us have strong preferences when it comes to dealing with conflict and if we can understand our preferences and the preferences of our partner we can reduce your relational problems exponentially. How about if we could take that conflict resolution blueprint and use it as a map to start a conversations to understand what works best for both of you. Now with the advanced behavioral assessments we can do that very thing. Check out STOP GUESSING: FOR COUPLES and get your personalized conflict resolution blueprint.

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