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Stop Guessing for Teams is a communication tool for starting effective conversations & addressing important topics in teams. Stop Guessing for Team has shown to:

  • Minimize politics and confusion
  • Increase morale & productivity
  • Increase organizational health
  • Build commitment that keeps your best players engaged
  • Helps everyone stop guessing about how to work together

Build a cohesive leadership team that weathers the storms
of global uncertainty in this ever-changing business climate.


Solve team relationship problems before they start.

Download – Stop Guessing for Teams: 2-Pager Info-Sheet

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Create the building blocks for a trusting, intimate, connected, relationship that can get better with time. You can actually solve your relationship problems before they start.

Whether you are in the early stages of your relationship or have been with your partner long term, I will help fast-forward you through years of practical research to what actually works in real peoples lives every day.

I’ll expose you to the behaviours that predict divorce with 90% accuracy and the provide quality testing that can save you years of research, tons of drama and pain you don’t even want to know about.

You need a program that is simple, easy to use, and inexpensive – yet powerful. Start conversations you would never normally have so that you can solve relationship problems before they start.

Stop Guessing about your most important relationships by learning how to:

  • stop guessing about your most important relationships
  • have simple conversations that can save your relationship or marriage
  • increase harmony and understanding in your most important relationships
  • better understand how to care for your partner in the way that your partner wants to be cared for

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