About Us

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Dave Phillips has been an executive mentor for the past 25 years to hundreds of people of influence. He has become a trusted advisor to people who have tried everything under the sun to make their relationships at home and at work function properly.

Based on practical experience, validated research and proven methods of improving relationships, Dave believes that if teams/couples can learn some of the most important things early in their relationship, it can change their lives.

Teams/couples can solve relationship issues before they start.

Building great relationships isn’t easy and early on, there’s a lot of guessing going on about who this new person is and what the are like.  It’s exciting, but it also takes time to do it well.  Now you can actually stop guessing about some of the most important issues that you must talk about sooner or later. Don’t wait until you’re in pain to learn some important truth about relationships.

What are the most important relationship issues and questions? How do we talk about them? That’s where the Stop Guessing products come in to play.