What is “Stop Guessing”?

Brief bi-weekly conversation starters, generated from individual personality assessments, initiating discussion about the most important topics for building trusting, accountable teams.

Create the building blocks for trusting, intimate, connected, relationships in your life that can get better with time.

You can actually solve your relationship problems before they start.

Whether you have just started a relationship/are new to a team or have been with them long-term – Stop Guessing will help you start conversations you would never normally have so that you can solve sticky relationship problems even before they start.

Stop Guessing is simple, easy to use, inexpensive and powerful.

Stop Guessing about your most important relationships by learning how to:

  • have simple conversations that can save your team/relationship from falling apart
  • increase harmony and understanding in your team/partner
  • better understand how to treat and talk to your team mates/partner in the way that they need and respond positively to

My team of 6 was hesitant to start these bi weekly team building exercises and mocked the simplicity of STOP GUESSING.  However, after the 2nd 20 minute session we all looked forward to the 3rd. By session 4 we fully appreciated how it’s changed the team in a positive way.         

We really appreciated the power of these brief conversations when we subsequently had to deal with conflict. The new tools and awareness got us through the conflict in a positive way which would not have happened before we used STOP GUESSING.

It is so simple and easy to use and only takes 20 minutes every second week. We all open our personalized chapter on a new topic like trust or accountability, then each person has about two minutes to describe their top three points and we have a brief summary discussion afterwards. 
This simple exercise is transforming our culture.
Leanne Abraham – President, Premiere Hire Carlsbad California

Relationships are complicated. Start removing all the guess-work and have the team/relationship charisma you’ve always dreamt of. Click here to Sign Up!