Surrendering “ME” for “WE”



All great teams go through this transition, “ME” to “WE”.  They develop trust that they’re on each others side even when they are having “spirited disagreements”.  People ask how they do this and the answer is never simple.  It just takes time to build relationships and having personalized rich conversations can help speed that up.

For example, there are about 26 conversations that need to happen to understand that style differences should not get in the way of team performance.  Some people act differently when they are asking for accountability than you might.  The does not make them wrong or bad!  It just makes them different.

“Teams don’t get into trouble because they are different.  They get into trouble because they don’t understand the differences”.

You can only understand these differences by having a series of conversations about trust, accountability, strengths.  It may seem daunting so we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you with STOP GUESSING: FOR TEAMS.  You’ll talk about all of these critical issues before there’s a problem and you will “Solve your relationship problems… before they start”.

Why not transform your team today.  You can learn more here.

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