Different OR Difficult?

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Do you work with someone who has a prickly personality. These folks often cause big problems in an organization. People make up nicknames for them like steamroller or emotionally inept and out of touch or disconnected. Some of these descriptions are actually true but usually unhelpful.

Often these thorny folks are unaware of how they are perceived and the problems that result. A workable solution that’s proven to be effective is what I call an “I noticed, I’m curious” conversation with your challenging friend or co-worker.  It goes something like this
“I noticed in a recent interaction that I had a negative reaction to something you said. I’m curious to see if we could find a way to communicate so that this doesn’t happen in the future”.
In most cases your prickly friend will say something like “oops, sorry, I didn’t realize I did that”.  This will open the door to a conversation introducing them to a new way of doing things, an improved relationship with you, and probably a lot of other people.
Sometimes you need an excuse to start these challenging conversations.  Personalized conversation starters from STOP GUESSING: FOR TEAMS Will give you that excuse and start a vast array of critical team topic discussions on important issues like trust, accountability and communication style. STOP GUESSING: FOR TEAMS works like a charm to warm up some of those icy coworkers. The sooner you start the more likely you will solve your relationship problems before they start.

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