There are dozens of big commitments in life and thousands of small commitments that we need to make to maintain relationships, keep a job. Hold a family in a marriage or Commitmentcommitted relationship together. Understanding commitment and having a discussion about how we can increase our level of commitment is a very important part of any relationship whether at work or at home.

Think about your own life and the many commitments that you need to make every day from the small ones to the big ones. When you commit to pick up a coffee for a friend or colleague it may seem small but creates a small part of the foundation of trust. Commitments then increase in size and complexity.

Often our commitments compete with one another for our time and our energy. A critical life skill is understanding how to balance all of these commitments in a way that we have satisfying work, committed relationships and personal growth that we will look back on at the end of our life and hope that we did well and that it was a good ride.

Stop guessing will help you start these challenging conversations before they are challenging. It will give you an excuse to explain what you need from others to maintain and increase your level of commitment in your work and primary relationships.





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