Behavioural needs in your relationship


You must tell your partner what you need for this relationship to work well.   Relationship needs are more important than relationship wants. You have a good chance for a great relationship if your partner can understand what you truly need for relationship success.

We all have physical needs like food and water. If we don’t have those needs met we get pretty stressed out.  Most people do not understand that we have behavioral needs as well.  For example some especially need time away from activity and away from people to recharge. We all need that a little but some people need a lot. A young husband who I spoke to recently said that understanding his wife’s need, (not just her want) probably saved their marriage.  When she had a 30 minute recharge with a little bit of space at the end of a working day she was enabled to fully engage as a wife and mother. Before they understood this, she struggled and as a result the marriage struggled..

Stop Guessing for Couples helps you discover these behavioural needs to bring you and your partner closer together.

Click on the link below to find out more.

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