How does your partner need to talk to you?


How does your partner need to talk to you? (If they want you to hear them!) There is a lot of talk about the Golden rule. Frankly treating others the way you want to be treated can get you into lots of trouble. You must learn the platinum rule where are you treat others the way they want to be treated. Stop Guessing for couples can help you know they want to be treated.

This is tricky because other people never actually tell you how they want to be treated, but instead expect you to automatically know this information and act on it. Furthermore, when you don’t treat them the way they want to be treated – even though you can’t because you don’t have this information – they make all sorts of negative assumptions about your intentions and character. Often times relationships sour, job opportunities are lost and many doors get slammed in your face.

Wouldn’t it be easier to know how your partner wants to be treat? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a questionnaire that you and your partner could take that would give both of you this information about yourself and each other? This is exactly what Stop Guessing for couples can do as a tool for your relationships.

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