Different Is Not Wrong…

But we often act as though it is!  We each have a hidden belief that everyone is like us and if they’re not… well… they must be wrong.  This little piece of irrationality is alive in all of us.  To get over it, the truth is we need to get over ourselves.

In fact when we quiet our ego to listen, we’ll learn that the perspectives of others can truly enhance our work and our lives.

I have found younger couples tend to marry opposites.  After all, why would we want to marry someone just like us? We would be bored to tears.  However, older couples tend to marry someone who is more alike.  Interestingly, the younger opposites have more nuptial success.

In working teams who all think the same way, I have seen many slow, comfortable… train wrecks!  Getting along with people who are very distinctive and unique in their thinking and actions is the price of admission to high performing teams.

It is this diversity of perspective that brings together required wisdom for strategic business decisions to meet simple business objectives in markets filled with complexity.

Different is not wrong, it’s just different, and I’d say…  better!

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