Freedom Prison

We all want Freedom… right? Well how much is too much? We live in a culture obsessed with freedom of every kind. All of the limitations imposed in our past by culture, religion, family and friends are fading away leaving an increasing epidemic of freedom.

We have what feels like unlimited choice of everything from clothes to cars. There are even 31 flavors of Ice Cream to deal with (and many more if you look). Do you struggle over making choices because there are too many? Think about the menus in many restaurants where you’ve got 10 pages or more of choices. Where do you start and what do you pick?

Henry Ford said “Our customers can have their car in any color they want as long as that’s black”. Choices were easier long ago because we didn’t have as many. Now they’re unlimited and how do we manage that.

A young woman looked up to her mentor recently and said, “so are you saying that I don’t have to do everything I want to do?” She had grown up feeling that freedom of choice was a virtue and found it to be a vice.

She was locked up in “Freedom Prison”, paralyzed by too much choice. Her increasingly frantic efforts left her with a declining sense of satisfaction. All the activities and possessions that promised unlimited satisfaction proved to be a hoax.

There is a certain amount of discipline that will actually increase your freedom. For example, restricting calories manages weight. Getting to bed on time gives you energy the following day. Limiting spending helps keep on track with financial goals. I think you get the idea. This list is endless.

Where have you gotten locked in to Freedom Prison and what choices could you make to get out? Here’s the crazy thing! Most of us know the answer to this question and even know how to do it… but we choose too much freedom that ends up as Churchill said… first a mistress, then a master and finally a tyrant!

What simple disciplines could you put in to place today that will unlock the bars of Freedom Prison, so you can move towards the things that are most important in your life?

Here’s the simple principle – balanced discipline… increases personal freedom.


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