Happy New Year!


Happy 2017. With the new year always comes new year’s resolutions. As I was doing research for this post, I found many “top 10” lists of new years resolutions for your relationship. Many of these lists had items like “make time for dates” and “laugh together” or “express gratitude”. All of these are important, yes, but most importantly is how a couple communicates with one another. Developing healthy and consistent communication habits with your partner is the foundation of a strong relationship. What if there was a tool that guided you throughout 2017 on different powerful conversations to have with your partner? and this tool gave you the questions to ask and what to share with your partner so you can create a stronger bond built on a solid foundation. That’s where Stop Guessing for Couples can help you and your partner. Stop Guessing for Couples will give you conversation starters on bi-weekly basis – this will create a habit of consistent healthy communication and create a space for meaningful conversations.