3 Step Gratefulness Exercise that will change your life!

It almost sounds too good to be true but now we have research to prove it. To summarize that research, your brain cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time. Do you find yourself getting angry either inside your head (ouch to you) or outside? (ouch to others) Where does anger come from? Usually fear. Almost everything we fear is just not reality and will never happen. How can you stop this vicious fearful angry circuit in your head? In 3 simple steps!

  1. Write down a list of things you’re grateful for. If you’re having trouble finding anything then start with your last breath. If you’re breathing you have something to be thankful for and there’s always more that can often include life, health, family or even being able to think these thoughts to consider a better way to live
  2. Write down “why” you’re thankful for each item.   This is the magic piece that’s usually forgotten. It’s when we consider why we’re grateful that the magic begins. This is where you will change your brain patterns and get out of a fearful or angry place. Fear and anger simply have us over focusing on a narrow view of negative possibilities that are very unlikely to occur. If (and it’s a big if) it’s a real fear then we are in the wrong mental space to solve the problem! If you’re reading this article it’s not likely you’re in the Serengeti with a lion chasing you. Spend some time on your why writing for each item and feel the fear and anger melt away.
  3. Read it when you need it. Pull this list out when you’re fearful or angry or when you want to stay positive and productive. Reading through and carefully considering each item and each why, will help you refocus on the life you want building the relationships and career you most deeply desire.

Practical Application – Here’s a quick “Life Hack”. Next time you’re traveling home from work or going into a difficult situation or tough meeting try this 2-minute exercise. Think about each person you’re about to encounter. Consider one or two things about them that you could be grateful for and why. Even if it’s a challenge to find something, I promise you can. Think on these things for just a few minutes and it will change your outcomes. I’ve done this simple exercise with hundreds of people and it works every time.

Remember simple does not mean easy. You must be intentional. Consider writing down these three simple steps on put it on your screen saver or a yellow sticky you can put anywhere. This is more powerful than you can imagine and if you do it consistently, it will change your life.

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