Scarcity Brings Clarity – The foundation of Choice

Freedom is pandemic. Choice is unlimited. So why don’t we feel free? No one ever talks about the foundation of choice. What are the simple guidelines that will allow us to say a simple NO!!

Decisions, decisions… and now more than ever! We need to choose colors, cars, clothing, food, friends, fun and how about intimate partners and careers to top off the list.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there in each of these areas.

If you don’t know who you are, you’ll spend the rest of our life living other people’s dreams.

Identity must precede activity. Who you are and what’s important to you should dictate what you do and how you live your life.

Without a foundation of identity or a deep sense of self to manage all of that freedom, you will feel handcuffed to the bars of “Freedom Prison”.

Take some time to consider that things you value most. Start with the identity virtues and see which one of these represent who you’d like to be as a person. Here’s a list that just about everyone on the planet agrees on as character qualities or as a description of who we want to be. Try to reduce it to a list of about 3. The purpose for your life may in fact be to be this person.

humility                   justice                    moderation

courage                   wisdom                   honesty

integrity                  goodness                mercy

grace                        peace                       faith

hope                         charity


The next step is to find a good list of values and boil that list down to your top five. Go through this list as a good starting place by putting a check mark beside the things you really value. From that list, underline only your top 10 and from that list circle your top 3-5.

                                     love                                  religion                               modelling               

  physical touch              being observant               sensuality

attractiveness                 influence                       strength                              serving

poise                                  happiness                      inspiration                        growing

helping others                physical touch         
    legacy                                 caring

taking a gamble             daring                           

encouragement             energy 
                          stimulating change         being present

being perceptive          guiding others            creating alignment         development                   

discernment                  laughing                     
  empathy                            amusement

facilitating                     supporting                  experimenting                 adventure      

radiance                         advocacy
                                   personal warmth

coaching                        emotions                      sensing holiness              governing

building                         imagination               wholeness                           rules

security                         learning                      ministering                         connecting

entertaining                directing                     
being the best                     bondedness

accomplishment        passion
                       financial stability               vulnerability

entertainment            excellence                family                                      sensitivity

winning                        devotion                    integrity                                 intimacy

being an example     play

being godly                 independence          honesty


Now when you go back to your unlimted choice run every choice through the list of Virtues and ask 2 questions.

  1. Does this choice properly honor my character and will I be acting with integrity to my identity?
  2. Is this choice an authentic expression of the things I value in my life?

Limiting your choices to honor who you are and what you value most will start to unlock the bars of freedom prison. In this way Scarcity brings clarity and gives you a reliable foundation under your choices.

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